Turkey’s draft water law was discussed in TEMA Foundation

On May 3rd, a closed workshop was organised by the env.net team in TEMA Foundation, to discuss the latest version of Turkey’s draft water law with the reknown experts from TEMA’s scientific advisory committee. In the meeting, participants compared the two latest drafts of the law, shared with public: the 2012 and 2016 versions. It[…..]

How the Natura 2000 network contributes to ecosystem restoration?

The European Commission has initiated a survey to gather evidence on how the Natura 2000 network contributes to ecosystem restoration. Those involved in ecosystem restoration actions or with information about restoration work within Natura 2000 sites are requested to participate in the survey, including experts working within the framework of LIFE projects. Responses should be[…..]

Albania signed the Global Agreement for Climate

Albania signed the Global Agreement for Climate.  Albania is not an industrialized country and its gas emissions do not reach even the allowed level. However, Albania has joint the historical agreement of 175 countries signed at United Nations “Paris Agreement” on Climate Change. The agreement is a legal global binding on climate change, where signing countries[…..]

Advocacy training for local NGO representatives in Turkey

Turkish Env.net partner TEMA foundation organised a three day comprehensive training in İstanbul, for 32 local NGO representatives from all around Turkey, on the weekend between 8 and 10 April 2016. The training covered a wide range of topics from fundraising and effective communication to nature conservation principles and legal advocacy. Saturday afternoon of the[…..]

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Training was held in Istanbul

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation has organised trainings in different regions of Turkey, within the framework of “The Technical Assistance for Implementation of the By-Law on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Project”. Turkish Env.Net partner TEMA Foundation attended the fourth SEA training which was held February 3-5 in Istanbul. During the 3 days training, SEA[…..]

Training for ENV-net subgrantees in Turkey

The ENV.Net sub-grant program for increasing the capacity of local NGOs is ongoing in Turkey and two local projects were selected after careful evaluation by a jury committee. The representatives of the two subgrantees, Kazdağı Doğal ve Kültürel Varlıkları Koruma Derneği (Mount Ida Natural Habitat and Cultural Heritage Conservation Association), from Çanakkale and Doğal Kaynak ve Biyolojik Çeşitliliği Koruma[…..]

Meeting on Stabilization and Association Process Dialogues in Kosovo

ATRC participated in the meeting upon invitation sent by EU Office in Kosovo to interested organizations from local civil society in Kosovo to contribute their knowledge and information into the forthcoming Stabilization and Association Process Dialogues (SAPDs) on Transport, Environment, Energy and Regional Development. The main purpose of the meeting was to gather ideas and[…..]