Training for ENV-net subgrantees in Turkey

The ENV.Net sub-grant program for increasing the capacity of local NGOs is ongoing in Turkey and two local projects were selected after careful evaluation by a jury committee. The representatives of the two subgrantees, Kazdağı Doğal ve Kültürel Varlıkları Koruma Derneği (Mount Ida Natural Habitat and Cultural Heritage Conservation Association), from Çanakkale and Doğal Kaynak ve Biyolojik Çeşitliliği Koruma Derneği (The Association for Conservation of Natural Resources and Biodiversity) from Antalya were in the offices of the Turkish ENV.Net partner,  TEMA Foundation, on 3 February 2016.

The meeting consisted of a detailed training of the representatives about project management and reporting (both technical and financial), followed by a lively Q&A session and discussion.