The ENV-net team is glad to announce the launch of the first policy paper, entitled “How is the environment performing in the Western Balkans and Turkey?”. The work was coordinated by Co-PLAN, but  all the partners contributed through their environmental local cases, focusing mainly on water, waste, chemicals and EIA procedure and transparency on the process.

Here is a brief presentation of the cases presented.  For full report click here

  • Turkey presents the situation of rivers basins usage and conditions due to lack of water legislation in line with EU directives. It tackles issues related to urban areas, industries and agriculture located near river basins, and how the usage of water resources in these areas has impacted on water scarcity.
  • Kosovo case is mainly set on the situation of waste management, including difficulties on implementation of existing legislation, definition of waste management hierarchy, and roles and responsibilities of mechanism in waste management.
  • In Albania, the issue of water management legislation was raised, where an analysis of the existing legal framework and institutional framework on water management issues was prepared and several recommendations were given in this regard.
  • Serbia brought the process of transposition and implementation of chemicals and biocide products management legal framework in the country and its efforts to fulfil its commitment at international level.
  • Macedonia first introduces its actual legal framework on public access to environmental information and the status of EIA and SEA in relation to EU directives and international commitments of the country. A case study illustrates perfectly the strange situation between transposition and implementation of the legal framework on public access to environmental legislation.