ENV.net Regional Conference: The environmental challenges, EU enlargement and public participation – the role of media on advocating environmental issues

Struga, 21-22.10.2016 Civil society organisations (CSOs) and the media have a critical role to play in building a culture of good environmental governance and accountability, on national, but also on a wider regional level. By providing accurate, balanced and timely information that is of interest and relevance to the public, both CSOs and the media[…..]

ENV.net Team in TEMA organized internal advocacy training

On 5-6 October, ENV.net Team TEMA organized a training focusing on advocacy for TEMA HQ co-workers The training lasted 2 days and each day targeted a different audience but overall purpose of the 2 day training was to inform TEMA HQ employees about the advocacy activities that the Environmental Policies and International Relations Department has[…..]


On 15-16 September, a two-day Conference on IPA 2 mechanism for CSOs was held in Skopje. The conference was part of the “IPA 2 mechanism for CSOs” project, funded by the European Union within the IPA program for supporting civil society and the media. At the opening session Mr. Nicolas Bartolini, representing the European Union[…..]

TEMA Foundation has published EIA report

As a follow-up of the “EU Alignment Process and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)“ training and workshop conducted in December 2015, TEMA Foundation published and assessment report, aiming to reveal the problems related to the EIA processes, and to suggest solutions to solve these problems. The first three chapters of the report aims at informing stakeholder[…..]

Env.net subgrantee in Turkey is mobilising local people of Mount Ida

Local people of Mound Ida (Kaz Dağı) have united against the planned gold mining activies in their villages. The movement of the villagers are growing through exchange of experiences and solidarity. Env.net subgrantee, Association for Protection of Natural and Cultural Assets of Mount Ida has started the movement  and is stil very actively involved in[…..]

Meeting with volunteers of TEMA Foundation

As part of its policy of meeting with local volunteers in each city, TEMA Foundation organised its fourth regional volunteering meeting on Saturday 7 May 2016 in Van, an ancient city in the eastern Turkey, where more than 150 TEMA Volunteers from the cities of Muş, Iğdır, Bingöl, Siirt, Bitlis, Ağrı and Van were gathered[…..]

Turkey’s draft water law was discussed in TEMA Foundation

On May 3rd, a closed workshop was organised by the env.net team in TEMA Foundation, to discuss the latest version of Turkey’s draft water law with the reknown experts from TEMA’s scientific advisory committee. In the meeting, participants compared the two latest drafts of the law, shared with public: the 2012 and 2016 versions. It[…..]

Advocacy training for local NGO representatives in Turkey

Turkish Env.net partner TEMA foundation organised a three day comprehensive training in İstanbul, for 32 local NGO representatives from all around Turkey, on the weekend between 8 and 10 April 2016. The training covered a wide range of topics from fundraising and effective communication to nature conservation principles and legal advocacy. Saturday afternoon of the[…..]