‘EU and Turkey’s Environmental Concerns’ were discussed in Turkey

Within Env.net, a meeting called ‘EU and Turkey’s Environmental Concerns: Civil Society watches the EU Negotiating Process’ was organized on 4 September 2014 in Ankara. 32 participants from 14 different cities, including different NGO representatives, academicians and experts attended the meeting. In the morning session of the meeting, 3 speakers were present to outline the[…..]

News of The Week from TEMA 28.08.2014

The first photo is from Ağrı. This photo was taken after the TEMA City Representation’s training event in Ağrı-Patnos. We want to share these big smiles that reflected to objectives to you as the first photo of the week. The second photo of the week is from Babaeski- Kırklareli. The photo is from the Acorn[…..]

Nuclear nonsense in Turkey

While the discussions on a gradual phase out from Nuclear power continues in the EU, its neighbour and membership candidate Turkey is planning the construction of three nuclear power plants, first to be built in its history. Last July, The Environmental Impact Assesment report of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, one of the plants that is[…..]

FREE ENV.net e-learning courses Social media, activism and participation

Course description The course provides support to CSOs that would like to start or improve their communication strategy through the use of social media. It helps in understanding how to use the most common social networks, like twitter, facebook, and linkedin and provide step-by-step suggestions to organise on-line petitions or campaigns. The course is designed[…..]

News of the Week from TEMA 25.08.2014

The first photo of this week is from Kayseri. It pictures the Young TEMA Mehmet carrying all the shovels after a tree planting event. As we witness the destruction to nature, we believe that all of us need to carry more responsibilities to build a better world. Second photo of the week is from Mardin.[…..]

News of the Week from TEMA Field 18.08.2014

    The first photo of the week is from Hakkâri. TEMA Foundation Hakkari City representatives had arranged a “Respect to the nature” mountain walking event with 22 nature lovers to the Mount Cilo. Second photo of the week is from far away Nepal. This photo is from TEMA volunteer Zeren Küskü. For some months[…..]

News of the week from TEMA 11.08.2014

    The first photograph is from Antalya. TEMA Foundation wants to present this photo, taken during a bicycle tour into the nature.  Here seen Antalya TEMA city representatives and local bicycle groups attending an event to create awareness on Climate Change. There were nearly 130 cyclists at this event. Second photograph is from Gümüşhane.[…..]

Environmental issues voiced through the ecology CSOs and the media: The media and ecology – yesterday, today and tomorrow Round table – 2nd July 2014, Skopje

The first of the two roundtables, envisaged with the media representatives and aimed to contribute to better quality of information related to environmental issues and the ongoing process of reforms to comply with the EU environmental acquis was jointly organised by the ENV.net team from Macedonian and the Association of Journalists of Macedonia was held[…..]

News of the week from TEMA 04.08.2014

      First photo of the week is from Çanakkale. Here are Young TEMA with self created flayer, it is not an ordinary flayer this flayer wrote on the sand by the Young TEMA and it says “Don’t let Turkey to be a desert”.   Second photo of the week is from Kütahya-Şaphane City[…..]

News from ENV.net sub-grantee from Serbia

Centre for development of the Civil Society “PROTECTA The major goal of the project called “My choice, my right – healthy environment!” organized by PROTECTA is to introduce environmental policies that are applied in the European Union to young people and high school students from Nis.  Another goal is to familiarize students with the rights[…..]