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Course description

The course provides support to CSOs that would like to start or improve their communication strategy through the use of social media. It helps in understanding how to use the most common social networks, like twitter, facebook, and linkedin and provide step-by-step suggestions to organise on-line petitions or campaigns.

The course is designed for staff of CSOs working in communication departments with a basic knowledge of the main social networks. It is conceived for beginners on the subject and do not need an in-depth experience.

Methodology and Contents

The course, delivered through the on-line platform, is divided into three modules in order to empower the staff of CSOs to recognize the potential of Social Media and make innovative use of these tools to improve the communication strategy and enhance the institutional image of their organizations and to support their advocacy and awareness campaigns.

  • The first module introduces participants to social media concepts and tools.

  • The second module guides participants to practically work on the most known social media, such as twitter, facebook linkedin and Youtube, by collaboratively posting and updating some pages created ad hoc for this course.

  • The last module focuses on the creation of proper on-line campaigns by using tools, like Twibbon, Donate your account and Thunderclap or creating and sending newsletter through mailchimp. An online tutor guides participants through their learning experience, including facilitating collaborative work and knowledge exchange throughout the course.

All the material presented and suggested during the course to keep you trained can be downloaded.

 The flexibility of an on-line self-learning course

This is an on-line self-learning course and offers high degree of flexibility to participants who are free to follow the lessons at any time, but are requested to complete the course within its global duration of 15 days. The average duration of the course is 3 days.

Our participants are our inspiration

During the previous courses we received many suggestions and feedbacks from our participants that helps us in improving our methodology, we need also yours.

Participants feedbacks:

…”Gain knowledge dealing with social networks which is not so popular as Facebook and Twitter, but which ii very useful and practical for online campaign.”

…”The very positive thing about this course is that you can return to your lessons, it is really important for working people, because you can not always be on place when meeting or class is arranged. Big plus for that.”

…”Content of the course is really comprehensive and I didn’t expect that so many things are going to be incorporated into the course. ”

…”Easy and simple. I like the content of the course, it was including the very important definitions and leave the participant with related link to follow if he/she want to proceed.”


If you like to participate to our courses you should first Register to the e-learning platform and then choose the course that you wish to attend from the course catalogue. You will receive an email of confirmation of the registration to the course and then you can train your abilities!!

At the moment this course can be attended in one of the following periods:

18th August – 1st September 2014

2nd September – 16th September 2014

30th September – 14th October

4th November -18th November

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