World Day without vehicles

Secretary Permanent of Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, based on the article 38 of the Law Nr. 03/L-189 for State Administration of Kosovo, took the decision of establishing a Council for organizing and marking the 22 September as the World Day without vehicles. ATRC is a member of this Council together with other representatives.

An Expert Examination Took Part in Akkuyu, Mersin

The Turkish partner TEMA Foundation was involved in an examination for the planned nuclear power plant in Mersin Akkuyu, with many other environmental organizations and professional chambers on July 11, 2016. The field trip included all the complainant parties (13 national and local organizations and 80 citizens) of the case filed to cancel the[…..]

Civil Society Forum Paris

NGO Green Home as representative from the Montenegro will take part in the EU Balkans Civil Society Forum Paris. At a moment of existential crisis for Europe, civil society need to be at the core of a renewed effort and vision to face common challenges. The Civil Society Forum brings together activists and representatives of civil[…..]

TEMA Foundation has published EIA report

As a follow-up of the “EU Alignment Process and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)“ training and workshop conducted in December 2015, TEMA Foundation published and assessment report, aiming to reveal the problems related to the EIA processes, and to suggest solutions to solve these problems. The first three chapters of the report aims at informing stakeholder[…..]

Turkish Env.Net Team Attended The Natural Law Monitoring Initiative Meeting

On April 18, Nature Protection Law Monitoring Initiative representatives held a meeting on the Draft Law of Preserving the Nature and Biodiversity with the Environment Commission of the Parliament and representatives of Forest and Water Affairs Ministry The participants’ including the Turkish Team’s demands were as follows: CSO inclusion in the Biodiversity and Nature[…..]

How the Natura 2000 network contributes to ecosystem restoration?

The European Commission has initiated a survey to gather evidence on how the Natura 2000 network contributes to ecosystem restoration. Those involved in ecosystem restoration actions or with information about restoration work within Natura 2000 sites are requested to participate in the survey, including experts working within the framework of LIFE projects. Responses should be[…..]

Balkan Green Foundation’s conference on climate change

The Balkan Green Foundation (BGF), in collaboration with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the European Office in Kosovo/EUSR, organized a high-level regional conference to discuss matters regarding sustainable development, climate change, and Western Balkan countries pathway towards Europe. ATRC participated in the conference. The conference tackled energy, climate change, and environmental policies, in the context[…..]

Chapter 27: CSOs participation

As a part of the project, “Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development” organized the training session: “CSO Participation in Accession Process” which was held on April 8, 2016 in Belgrade . The course was attended by over 20 participants. On the subject of strengthening the role of CSOs invited speakers were: Andjelka Mihajlov, representative of[…..]