Seminar on Negotiation Competencies: ‘It is Not Enough to Win’

Two day seminar on effective negotiation competencies has been organized by TEMA Foundation for stakeholders from civil society with the support of Baltas Management, Training and Consultancy.

The aim of the seminar was to provide participants negotiation skills that will help build more effective synergies  both personally and as part of a team.

To obtain positive results from negotiation processes, one must recognize his/her own negotiation style and realize hos this effects the counterpart. Roundtables and meetings throughout the project’s first phase demonstrate the need to build competencies in this area for involved stakeholders.

Participation was also open to interested NGOs that don’t work on environment to create a platform to understand the work of NGOs across different fields and define areas for cooperation.

16 participants from various organizations working on environment, health, youth, education and civil society attended the seminar. Evaluation forms indicate close to 100% satisfaction.