Let’s clean Kosova

on 24th May organized its cleaning campaign in entire Kosovo. This initiative is a citizen initiative that deals with activities for protecting the environment I Kosovo, addressing environmental problems and organizing cleaning actions. “Let’s clean Kosova” is part of a global “Lest Do It World” that is present in 110 countries in the World. In[…..]

Environmental NGOs Fair

ENV.net team in Albania together with Institute of Environmental Policy NGOs took part in the Environmental NGO Fair organized by the Municipality of Tirana on 22nd of May. The aim of the open activity was a way to introduce to the wider community the work developed do far by the environmental NGOs operating in the[…..]

Tunceli lynx network is proceeding with its project

The organisation DOGADER from Antalya, Turkey is implementing a project through the financial support to third parties in the framework of the ENV.net. The project focuses on the protection of the lynx in the Munzur Valley National Park, an area where a large dam is going to be build even if it is in principle[…..]

Eurostat: Environmental tax reform far from the declared goals

Environmental taxes made up 6.3% of tax revenues in the EU in 2014. In the European Union (EU), environmental taxes amounted to €343.6 bn in 2014, compared with €282.0 bn in 2004. However, the share of environment taxes in total revenues from taxes and social contributions has decreased over this 10-year period, from 6.8% in[…..]

Etnar’s “activist to activists” workshop was organised in istanbul

A workshop entitled “Activist to Activists: Environmental advocacy skill-share in South East Europe and Turkey” was organised in Istanbul on 24-25 April, as part of the ETNAR project. The aim of the workshop was improving the capacity of environmental CSOs in policy analysis, policy monitoring and public advocacy, and increasing cooperation among climate justice and[…..]

Take part in EEA photography competition ‘My City’

Cities play an increasingly important part in our lives. Urban areas are where we live, work, rest and play. The European Environment Agency (EEA) invites you to participate in the ‘My City’ photography competition and share the moments you captured in European cities. Participants can focus on one of the following three categories: Sustainable lifestyle[…..]

Two sub-grantee awarded in Albanian from the ENV.net project

The second round of sub-grantee of ENV.net project for grass -root organization in Albania was closed in 13th of April. 7 NGOs were invited to participate in the restricted call Green Initiatives toward complying with EU environmental standards. From 6 proposals delivered, only two of them were awarded. The first project was awarded to NGO Eco-Movement “The[…..]