ENV.net multi-stakeholder Conference on Chapter 27: about 200 participants

Chapter 27 within the EU accession negotiation, concerning environment, is among the most demanding and most expensive ones, and Serbia is faced with a “bumpy” road when it comes to harmonisation with the European standards, said the participants of the “Environment towards Europe” conference, held at Belgrade Chamber of Commerce on the occasion of World[…..]

News from sub-grants in Albania: Energy Efficiency in Schools (SEED project)

Project “School Energy Efficiency Standard” implemented by Milieukontakt in Albania, has started the process of energy audit  preselected school “Xhezmi Delli”, through filling in questionnaires with students, inventory of the existing situation of the electric system in the school etc. By the end of the next week energy audit report for the school is going[…..]

First solar panel kit installed – subgrants in Albania

On 24-25 of May 2014, under the subgrant awarded by ENV.net in Albania , Ekolevizja performed its first installation of a solar panel kit in a house in Qarrisht village in the district of Librazhd to provide sufficient electric energy for lighting for 4 LED lamps, mobile phone charge and radio. in the following week[…..]

News from subgrants in Albania

In the framework of the project “Raising public awareness about renewable energy” implemented by Aarhus Information Center in Vlora city as a sub-grant, it has recently promoted an add ) on potential of renewable energy sources in the south part of Albania. Aarhus Information Center in Vlora has started recently its tour of roundtables in[…..]

Call for creative works: Face to face with my environment

On 30th of April, ENV.net project awarded a sub-grant to the Centre of Media Activities. The Centre for Media Activities from Skopje, that is running the platform of activism and that is issuing the street paper “Lice v lice”, is calling citizens to participate in the call for creative works (posters, photos, drawings, digital art…)[…..]

Sub-grants in Albania: Energy efficiency in Schools (SEED project)

In the framework of the project “School Energy Efficiency Standard” implemented by Milieukontakt International, Albania in Tirana as sub-grant, during the month of April and beginning of May, it was started the preparatory phase of the project.  Through the collaboration and consensus of the Ministry of Education and Sport and the Regional Directorate of Education[…..]

Meeting with ENV.net sub-grantees in Milan

On 30th of April 2014, ENV.net organised a meeting with 4 organisations to which a sub-grants have been awarded in the framework of ENV.net call for proposals: “Involving citizens for a greener Europe: Small scale action scheme for the benefit of CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro”. The following people participated to the meeting: Simona[…..]