ENV.net subgrantee from Bosnia-Herzegovina organised awarness raising event

LIR Evolution organised an advocacy awareness raising event in collaboration with the Institute for public health Banja Luka. The event took place together with the international Earth day. Many thematic fields were covered: new technologies in science, health disasters and prevention, forests environment, protection of biodiversity and its positive effects on human health. ELAA leaflet

Sofia Forum on Human Security: Assessing New Risks, Expanding the Network

Sofia (BG), 12th-13th May, 2016 With aim to provide a forum for discussion on human security issues, recently a topic so much in focus both in the Balkan countries and Turkey and EU, Ch4hs (Citizens’ Network for Human Security) organised a two-day event, that was held in Sofia, Bulgaria (http://www.iris-bg.org/menu.php?i_id=449). Topics in focus included issues[…..]

Turkish Env.Net Team Attended The Natural Law Monitoring Initiative Meeting

On April 18, Nature Protection Law Monitoring Initiative representatives held a meeting on the Draft Law of Preserving the Nature and Biodiversity with the Environment Commission of the Parliament and representatives of Forest and Water Affairs Ministry The participants’ including the Turkish Env.net Team’s demands were as follows: CSO inclusion in the Biodiversity and Nature[…..]

International Mother Earth Day

22nd April, 2016, International Mother Earth Day: To mark and celebrate 22nd April, the International Mother Earth Day, Macedonian ENV.net team, together with Vila Zora and other local CSOs from Veles organised a social event that brought together more than 200 citizens. The event aimed to raise awareness on the key challenges: environmental pollution and weather[…..]

Balkan Green Foundation’s conference on climate change

The Balkan Green Foundation (BGF), in collaboration with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the European Office in Kosovo/EUSR, organized a high-level regional conference to discuss matters regarding sustainable development, climate change, and Western Balkan countries pathway towards Europe. ATRC participated in the conference. The conference tackled energy, climate change, and environmental policies, in the context[…..]

Albania signed the Global Agreement for Climate

Albania signed the Global Agreement for Climate.  Albania is not an industrialized country and its gas emissions do not reach even the allowed level. However, Albania has joint the historical agreement of 175 countries signed at United Nations “Paris Agreement” on Climate Change. The agreement is a legal global binding on climate change, where signing countries[…..]

Two sub-grantee awarded in Albanian from the ENV.net project

The second round of sub-grantee of ENV.net project for grass -root organization in Albania was closed in 13th of April. 7 NGOs were invited to participate in the restricted call Green Initiatives toward complying with EU environmental standards. From 6 proposals delivered, only two of them were awarded. The first project was awarded to NGO Eco-Movement “The[…..]

Advocacy training for local NGO representatives in Turkey

Turkish Env.net partner TEMA foundation organised a three day comprehensive training in İstanbul, for 32 local NGO representatives from all around Turkey, on the weekend between 8 and 10 April 2016. The training covered a wide range of topics from fundraising and effective communication to nature conservation principles and legal advocacy. Saturday afternoon of the[…..]