Don’t legalize violations!

During January and February 2014, ATRC – partner in Kosovo, as a part of the campaign against degradation of the Regional Park Gërmia, has developed a series of consultations, meetings, with many national and local institutions in order to identify legal and procedural violations of the decision taken by Kosovo Parliament for building the[…..]

Knowledge based advocacy: Environment should be within priorities in the negotiations with EU

Public Policy Institute organized on 18 February, 2014 in Belgrade the Panel discussion „Negotiations as a priority – priorities in the negotiations“.  Panelists were: – representatives of the PPI : Prof. Nikola Samardzic, Prof. Stevan Lilić, Prof. Mijat Damjanovic, Prof. Anđelka Mihajlov, Gordana Lazarevic, and – representatives of the Government of Serbia: Dr. Tanja Miščević, Head of the Serbian negotiating team with the European Union,Nikola Selaković, Minister[…..]

Assessment of the Environmental Events of 2013 (Turkey)

In 2013 while the threat posed by large-scale investments were in the public agenda, growing local environmental resistances and achievements provided hope. While the construction of projects that jeopardize Istanbul’s last forests , wetlands , grasslands and agricultural lands accelerated, local movements all over Anatolia that embrace nature continued. TEMA Foundation assessed the best and[…..]

Breathing in Tetovo is a risky adventure

In the past two months citizens of Skopje, Kicevo and Tetovo were struggling with enormously high air pollution. Experts and environmentalists are familiar with the air pollution and the cause of it. What does it mean an increase of air pollution and how it is measured? Particulate matters are small enough to cause serious health[…..]

Important milestone in Serbian EU accession process

The first EU-Serbia Accession Conference, Brussels, 21 January 2014 Serbia is taking another important step on its path to the European Union. This first accession conference marks the beginning of a new and crucial phase in EU relationship with Serbia. It is a well-deserved recognition of the progress made over the past years. However, hard[…..]

Outcomes of the National Workshop on “Improving Energy Efficiency in Residential Sector in Albania” shared with CSOs

The workshop was organized by Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development, in cooperation with three environmental organizations, namely Ekolëvizja, MilieuKontakt Albania dhe EDEN Center, in frame of the EU funded “Development of the in West Balkan and Turkey: giving citizens a voice to influence the environmental process reforms for closer EU integration” project through the[…..]

Environment Report and Literature Collection

ATRC started the process of collecting the Environment Reports, Literature, publication, reports, evaluations etc which will be good tools for having reference, data and source of information regarding different environment topics. The most reports, analyses, environment evaluations are collected from the Agency for Protection of the Environment and same other from the Ministry of Environment,[…..]