ENV.net cleaning action day in Kosovo

The cleaning action day of 24 May, was absolutely a successful activity of Let’s Do It Kosova , where there participated approximately 45,000 people all around Kosovo.  Even that Saturday it’s a weekend day thousand people decided to enjoy this time in a different way they used to do it before, by joining Let’s Do[…..]

EnE14 ENV.net Conference in Serbia

On the 5th of June 2014, in the framework of ENV.net project, Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development (ENV.net team Serbia), Serbian Chamber of Commerce, UNEP and Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Serbia are going to organise the tenth 10th Regional Conference EnE14 / ENV.net Conference. Participation and support is already confirmed by almost[…..]

First solar panel kit installed – subgrants in Albania

On 24-25 of May 2014, under the subgrant awarded by ENV.net in Albania , Ekolevizja performed its first installation of a solar panel kit in a house in Qarrisht village in the district of Librazhd to provide sufficient electric energy for lighting for 4 LED lamps, mobile phone charge and radio. in the following week[…..]

News of the Week from TEMA Field 22.05.2014

    The first photograph is from Trabzon. Here we see the Young TEMA’s, TEMA Kids and City Volunteer Representatives at the saplings plantation event at Düzköy Haçkalı Baba plateau. Second photograph is from Bolu. This photo is from Abant İzzet Baysal University Young Tema Organization. They just want to show that bike’s are very[…..]

EASD team in action: how to behave during and after a flood

Ongoing Flood Emergency in Serbia: Serbia declared a national emergency as rivers across the flooded roads and bridges, shutting down schools and cutting off power (some images from Serbia). EASD team  widely share the Guidelines how to behave during and after a flood.  

News of the Week from TEMA Field 13.05.2014

      The first photograph is from TEMA Junior Festival. They smile to the camera with hope on their face and their eyes full of happiness. Second photograph is from the Kocaeli University Young TEMA. This photo was taken during an event named “Let’s Clean-Up Europe”, which they had attended on weekend. The last[…..]

ENV.net with children, parents and teachers “cleaning up Serbia”

On May 10, 2014 ENV.net Serbia held workshops for preschoolers and first graders in front of the Centre of aquatic sports,” Ada Ciganlija”. Workshops were held in the framework of the project “Development of the ENV.net in West Balkans and Turkey: giving citizens a voice to influence the environmental process reforms for closer EU integration,” and[…..]

News of the Week from TEMA Field 06.05.2014

    The first photograph is from Kayseri. Here are the Young TEMA Volunteers from a cycling event. They cycle to create awareness on a more livable World. Second photograph is from the Balıkesir University Young TEMA. They cycle to create awareness for environmentalist transportation. The last photo of the week is from Eskisehir Young[…..]