ENV.net project supported the international workshop “SKIN”- Transparent and Translucent building skin as Multilayered, Multipurpose and Filtering system

Building envelopes contribute to both qualitative and quantitative measure of a building’s sustainability while still guaranteeing the required comfort standards. An efficient thermal envelope minimizes the heat loss in the winter and the heat gain in the summer. Most of the solutions can be found combined together and integrated in the facades or cladding elements.[…..]

Roundtable “On Integrated Management of Municipal Solid Waste in the City of Tirana”

Integrated Management of Solid Waste (MMNU) represents one of the most important and serious problems, which currently the country is facing. Although the legal framework for integrated waste management in recent years has improved significantly, clearly anticipating in the legislation ways of processing major waste streams and final treatment alternatives for waste, concrete results in[…..]

Forest management and measure taken to prevent illegal logging in Peja Region

Monday, September 29, 2014, the Organization SHIP from Decani Municipality, in the framework of a project funded by the Env. Net, organized inter – municipal workshop on “Forest Management and the measures taken to prevent illegal logging.” Through the workshop is intended that the three municipalities of Peja region: Decani , Istok and Juniku ,[…..]

ENV.net participation to ETNAR conference in Banja Luka

From September 11th to 12th, Centre for Environment organised a regional conference in Banja Luka dedicated to natural resources and energy, which brought together leading civil society organizations in the region that deal with these issues.Macedonian ENV. net partner together with representatives of 4 CSOs (two of them are members of Platform Green Macedonia, a part[…..]

ENV.net team at the European Commission FPA Final event

Last week, ENV.net team participated to the final event organised by DG Enlargement for the FPA partners under the programme 132438, Civil Society Facility Framework Partnership Agreements for CSOs in the Western Balkans & Turkey. During the event, the results of the Mid-Term Evalutation were presented by Mr Ian Baker and commented by all FPA[…..]

Technical Working Group for consulation of the primary law on energy performance of buildings in Albania

Since July 2014, Co-PLAN is part of the Technical Working Group for drafting the energy performance of buildings primary legislation for Albania that is compliant with the provisions of the European Union’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) as recast in 2010 (Directive 2010/31/EU) and takes into account country-specific circumstances and policy preferences. The TWG[…..]

News of the week from TEMA 30.06.2014

    The first photo of the week is from Sakarya. This photo is from TEMA Sakarya County Volunteers. Here we see TEMA Kids attending   an event at Nature Park.  Second photograph is from Mersin. Here are TEMA Mersin city representatives attending an event “Meeting with soil” and they also combined this event with a[…..]

ENV.net multi-stakeholder Conference on Chapter 27: about 200 participants

Chapter 27 within the EU accession negotiation, concerning environment, is among the most demanding and most expensive ones, and Serbia is faced with a “bumpy” road when it comes to harmonisation with the European standards, said the participants of the “Environment towards Europe” conference, held at Belgrade Chamber of Commerce on the occasion of World[…..]