Advocacy /Monitoring


The organisation of round tables with CSOs and other key stakeholders aims to formulate common strategies and action plans for advocacy actions.

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The promotion of seminars among interested CSOs aims to involve an increasing number of aware civil society organisations on the activities and EU’s environmental policies.

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By fostering the organisation of conferences, the Network intend to spread information on the EU environmental policies among all the interested citizens, CSOs, national/regional institutions.

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 Cooperation with media

Contacts with local TV, radio, press journalists have been taken to foster an active involvement of the media in the project activities and they also represent one of the best known instruments to spread messages in the wider community and to promote the network and its action.

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Awarness events

Public events involving citizens

  • The organisation of public events aiming at increase citizens’ awareness about environmental issues.

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Financial support

As part of the establishment and strengthening of the network at national level, the sub grant scheme is another instrument to introduce and advocate the work and the possibilities of collaboration with the

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Capacity development

Training sessions in partner’ country

The trainings are developed to provide support to CSOs that would like to start or improve their capacities on the most crucial topics , such as:EU funding opportunities on Western Balkans and Turkey, the EU environmental policy, Monitor and lobbying on the approximation process to the EU policy.

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Distance learning

The courses are developed to provide a free access to specific subject matters to support those people that would like to start or improve their capacities regarding different subjects.

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To discover our on going distance learnings and the available dates, visit our platform and consult “The Catalogue”

Helpdesk support

The helpdesk provides prompt personalised aswers to all queries posed by participant to project activities, training sessions, e-learning courses or if you need support in getting EU funds or managing EU-funded projects.

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Communication and information intiatives

Social networks

The use of social network allows to improve the communication among the different stakeholders for advocacy campaigns in environmental sector or to elaborate joint communication strategies

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Informative website

The website was launched in September 2013 in the framework of the project to collect information on environmental policies and initiatives taken at national and regional levels to identify joint strategies for action.


The dissemination of a monthly newsletter informing on events, facts and other significant information will promote the access and participation of target users.

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Visibility materials

The distribution of informative materials allows to reach an increasing number of informed people on the EU environmental policies and the activities

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