ENV.net Team in TEMA organized internal advocacy training

img_5491On 5-6 October, ENV.net Team TEMA organized a training focusing on advocacy for TEMA HQ co-workers The training lasted 2 days and each day targeted a different audience but overall purpose of the 2 day training was to inform TEMA HQ employees about the advocacy activities that the Environmental Policies and International Relations Department has been involved in and encourage them to internalize these activities.
Dr. Uygar Özesmi, the founder of change.org in Turkey, delivered the training on both days. On the first day, the training focused on campaigning methods: how to design an efficient and successful campaign. The core idea was that a campaign strategy should identify the power relationships that affect the campaign and plan the communication network accordingly.

The second day of the training was more targeted to reach the support departments like finance department and aimed to raise their awareness about what we are campaigning for and against.
The feedbacks for the trainings were extremely positive and the whole HQ Team is really excited to be involved in our future campaigns.