September 8th on Green Wave


This week our broadcast was about the newly formed sinkhole in Konya Karapınar and our guests were Assoc. Prof. Fetullah Arık from the Chamber of Geology Engineers’ and Assoc. Prof. Erhan Akça from TEMA’s Science Committee. Prof. Arık stated that although sinkholes are naturally occurring phenomena, the formation of sinkholes in residence areas is potentially dangerous for human life as well as agricultural activities. Prof. Arık also explained the reasons for sinkholes’ formation: over irrigation of agricultural areas causes decrease in groundwater levels. Prof. Akça, who joined the broadcast later, explained how changing the chosen crop patterns could decrease or even prevent formation of new sinkholes and limit the decrease of groundwater levels. By choosing hydrophobic plants to grow in this area, groundwater levels can be maintained, while preventing formation of sinkholes.

You can listen to the broadcast (in Turkish) through the link