25th of August on Env.net Sponsored Green Wave Radio Show

Green Wave, the radio show produced by the Env.net Team in TEMA Foundation is now sponsored by Env.net for the coming three months. August, 25th was the 14th broadcast of the series.

Yeşil Dalga_logoThis week on Green Wave we talked about the ongoing Biodiversity Inventory Study in the Prince Islands of Istanbul. Our guests were Esra Ergin, from TEMA’s Education Department and journalist Yücel Sönmez who works actively with the “Islands’ Defense. Mr. Sönmez himself is from the Prince’s Islands and works voluntarily for the Islands’ Defense. While explaining their objective for this project he has suggested that the primary reason for this inventory study is to raise awareness about the fragility of the ecosystem and biodiversity in the Prince’s Islands. Furthermore he emphasized the importance of the Islands’ inhabitants to cooperate with the experts to complete this study. In this sense the local people of the Prince’s Islands will also be able to take part in this study on a voluntary basis.

To listen to this week’s broadcast (in Turkish) please use the link