2nd of June on Env.net sponsored Green Wave Radio Show

Green Wave, the radio show produced by the Env.net team in TEMA Foundation is now sponsored by Env.net for the coming six months. June, 2 is the second broadcast of the series.

Yeşil Dalga_logoThis week our guest for Green Wave was Dr. Cemal Beşkardeş of Bosphorus Associations’ Platform (BODEP). BODEP is a platform that consists of 11 neighborhood associations, which collectively work on protecting these neighborhoods as cultural and natural entities.

Dr. Beşkardeş talked about their new campaign “We want our boats” to increase the number of ferry trips in the city lines as a solution to traffic jams in Istanbul. There are docks in every neighborhood in the Bosphorus area but the options to use sea transport remain rather limited. In this sense BODEP argues that introduction of a variety of new ferry routes will have great impact on traffic jam reduction. BODEP also initiated a change.org campaign to attract attention to their campaign and the platform.

The podcast of the broadcast in Turkish can be listened at the following link: