My Natural Resources – Awareness Activity on Natural Resources in a public school in Vlora Region – First Activity team in Albania together with Center for Research, Cooperation and Development in Vlora, in the frame of the joint activity “My Natural Resources” organized on 13th of May an awareness activity with the pupils of “Jani Minga” School in Vlora. The focus of the activity was to inform the pupils about the importance and values of the natural recourse in Vlora region, especially in areas of high environmental values importance,  as Marine and Coastal Park of Sazan – Karaburun, National Park of Llogora, Narta Lagoon (Ramsar site), Velca caves, etc.

The aim of the activity was to increase and enhance student awareness and to rise the knowledge of nature resources and importance of protected areas. Two preventatives of the Protected Area Administration at local level were invited to collaborate as a very important stakeholder in the activity. About 100 pupils and 10 teachers  of the school showed a high interest about how to get more information about these natural resources in the area and how to contribute in their improvement.

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