Celebration of the World Environment Day in Serbia: Cycling in Gornji Milanovac

As a part of the celebrations of the World Environment Day, on June 7, 2015, in Gornji Milanovac cycling event was organized by ENV.net partner from Serbia, Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development, together with elementary school “Momcilo Nastasijevic”. The objective of this event was promotion of the environmental values in the Gornji Milanovac municipality and promotion of the need for a healthy lifestyle, especially among school children. Participants were school children (and their teachers and parents) from 15 schools from the Moravicki District (municipalities of Gornji Milanovac, Cacak and Ivanjica). 45 students participated in a competitive part of the event, monitored by 1-2 teachers and one professional from Auto Motorcycle Association of Serbia. Event was secured by Red cross volunteers and local Ambulance.