Celebrating the World Water Day in Albania: field visit to the “Karavasta Lagoon”

To mark the World Water Day, 22nd of March (2015), ENV.net team in Albania, in collaboration with students and professors from POLIS University, organized a field trip in one of the biggest wetland areas in the country “Karavasta Lagoon” part of the National Park of Divjake-Karavasta in the mid-west part of the country. In this field trip participated approximately two classes of environmental studies (25).

Students departed from Tirana to travel to Karavasta Lagoon, located in the west part of the Divjaka city. First they were introduced with a short history of the lagoon development and how it has been throughout these last 20 years. The lagoon is part of the National Park of Divjake- Karavasta, which has not yet a managing plan in place.

Students were introduced with the history of the lagoon and it main characteristics, and how it was polluted by the agriculture developed nearby, or by the illegal fishing. A dense pine forest surrounds the coast parts of the lagoons, which is full of natural paths. Students were able to have a trip of about 2-3 km in one of the main natural paths of the area, where they were able to see and admire the natural habitat of the lagoon.

Students were able to enjoy one of the beautiful characteristics that this lagoon holds, which is a perfect place for several poultry species as the flamingos, different types of gulls and the pelican. Despite it being a National Part, there is no management plan yet in place for the lagoon.