ENV.net project and ECRAN project synergy!

During the month of November, ENV.net team was part of several meetings organized by ECRAN project (Environmental Climate Regional Accession Network), as the training on EU Accession Process and the annual meeting.

On 20-21, all ECRAN NGOs form the region (where some of ENV.net partners are part of), as part of the ECF (Environmental Climate Forum), attended the first training session on  “Technical aspects of the EU Accession Process: Improving the Knowledge Base on Scope and Opportunities for Civil Society Involvement”, where several EU countries from the region, now part of EU, shared their experiences, and others that have started the negotiation process for EU accession shared the difficult steps they are taking toward the accession.

On 24-25 of November, there was the annual meeting of all the NGOs of ECF, part of ECRAN project. During the annual meeting NGOs from the region were divided into two groups to discuss among them their inner issues related to water management and climate change and EIA and SEA issues. During the meeting European Commission representatives attended the meeting by presenting the latest development of EU legislation toward the three chosen topics and answered to all questions that NGOs had.


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