News from subgrantees Turkey

Here are some updates of the subgrantees, as their projects approach the end.

Within the Legendary Pallid Scoops Owl (Bilecik-Urfa), school presentations are continuing. Upon demand by school principles, 4th and 5th grade students are included in the presentations.

okul sunumları 2 (2)

 Şanlıurfa Municipality, Birecik Municipality, City Directorate of Food Agriculture and Livestock, Directorate on Conservation of Natural Habitats joined the CSO representatives on the field study of populus euphratica oliver trees since these are the habitat areas of the owls. A joint workshop on Pallid Scoops Owls will be organized with the cooperation of authorities.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA second subgrantee from Turkey that carries the “Beautiful City, Clean Sea Van” Representatives from the organization attended the 4th of September roundtable in Ankara and presented their project to participants.

They also meeted with 40 teachers with the invitation of Ministry of Education and ÇEKUD (Environmental Organizations Cooperation Association) on 2-5 September 2014 for a Trainer of Trainers program.