The third Guerrilla gardening action

The third  guerilla action was implemeneted on 29th of september, 2014 on
the public space in front of the kindergarten "Detska Radost" Strumica. The
action was realized by 12 students from the secondary school "Dimitar
Vlahov" and 10 volunteers from EA Planetum. This public area is on a very
frquent place and it has 90м2.
On this action first we cleaned the area, then flowers, grass and trees were
planted, 10 pots were set, bicycle sculpture with flowers was set and also
works made from the organized creative workshops for reused waste. In this
action were included the Major of the municipality of Strumica, Mr. Zoran
Zaev who has planted tree in support of the action. In this action Dusko
Hristov, as representative form the organization 4x4x4 Balkans Bridge, has
also taken part by helping the volunteers. In this action were present:
members of the council of the municipality of Strumica, the principal of the
secondary school "Dimitar Vlahov", employers from the department of Ecology
Strumica and JPKD Komunalec. The action was realized in positive atmosphere,
we could feel the positive reaction from the citizens who supported this
action and the new green and clean look of the area.   
 The media were invited and present during the activity. There was a
statements for the media by: Major of the municipality of Strumica Mr. Zoran
Zaev, Dusko Hristov representative from the organization 4x4x4 Balkans
Bridge, projcet team and principle from Dimitar Vlahov. 

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