ENV.net with students and teachers: “Get together to get things done” – clean up day in Albania

On 9th of May 2014, Co-PLAN together with another organization, located in Vlora city in Albania, CRCD (Center for Research Cooperation and Development) organized in Vlora city, Albania a cleaning day “Get together to get things done” with almost 130 pupils in three different schools of the city “Jani MINGA, Ali DEMI and Qemal ATATURK”, where they cleaned up and modulate their outside environment, through painting walls and other equipments around. In collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Education and Municipality of Vlora some of students were brought to Vlora Waterfront to clean up, prior to the opening new touristic season during the weekend.

The activity started around 10:30 in all high schools and after 12:00 o’clock the activity was transfer to Vlora waterfront for the next cleaning part. Students were provided with blouses and hats and other equipments for the clean up activity

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