News of the Week from TEMA Field 21.04.2014



The first photograph is from TEMA Ankara and TEMA Sivas City Volunteer Representatives; it was taken at the saplings plantation event in Sarkısla. Kids were competing against each other to plant saplings. 

Resim1Second photograph is from Istanbul Beylikdüzü City Volunteer Representatives. 8 year ago, new saplings were planted in this area and now TEMA Kids were taken there for nature watch. What would be the thoughts of the ones that had planted those saplings when they could see how the saplings had grown and see the reflection of them as a smile on the faces of these kids? 

Resim2The last photograph of the week is from Eskisehir City Volunteer Representatives. In this photo we see TEMA Kids from Ahmet Sezer Middle School. Here we see TEMA Kids at the “Day in a Forest” nature education camp.