1st ENV.net partnership meeting

On the 22nd and 23rd of January, just after the kick-off conference, the ENV.net members met in EEB office in Brussels for the 1st partnership meeting. This event was crucial for the creation of the project steering committee, the identification of each organisation’s strengths and added value for the project purpose and the definition of a detailed work-plan for the project inception phase.

During the meeting an information session on the environment acquis was organised by EEB staff for the benefit of ENV.net members. It was quite interesting as it provided an insider view from an organization (EEB) that is really active and experienced in this area. While explaining all 10 chapters of Environmental acquis, project partners were interested to understand the EU priorities. It was agreed that nature protection, horizontal legislation and climate change chapters vested the higher relevance, at the moment, with regard of the all EU countries. This seems due to several reasons. Among them: the non fulfilment of standards even by EU countries and the absolute need to increase further implementation and monitoring for these themes.   

During the meeting an information session on EC administrative requirements was delivered by punto.sud and financial guidelines were distributed to partners for the project management. Finally MoUs between punto.sud and the 5 partners were signed.