Approximation process to the EU Environment acquis in Kosovo

Environment in general, is known as one of the major problems in Kosovo and at the same time one of the biggest challenges that Kosovar society will face in Kosovo towards overall development, integration and implementation of the European standards that must be met in this area.

Reports, analyzes and assessments of international and local organizations, Institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, etc., report the numerous  and diverse institutional and non-institutional challenges which primarily relate to: the implementation of environmental legislation; construction practice without criterion, the absence of Spatial Planning and a local urban plans, lack of drinking water, lack of treatment for waste water, poor management of municipal and industrial wastes, wild use of natural resources etc.

Kosovo has harmonized and created environmental legislation in compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and environmental standards of the EU. This legislation generally reflects all the requirements of directives, regulations, conventions, as well as various environmental international treaties.

Despite the adoption and harmonization of legislation, the financial support received from donations and budget of Kosovo are not sufficient compared with existing environmental situation in Kosovo. The public and business community environmental awareness and education is not yet at the adequate level. The role of environmental NGOs remains weak and with limited opportunities for influence.


In order to alleviate the environmental problems the Kosovo institutions need to:

  • Complete the legal and institutional framework and to harmonize the environmental acquits with EU directives.
  • Develop public education and joint awareness campaigns; provide public participation in decision-making on environmental issues.
  • Develop of sector strategies and supporting documents.
  • To establish/create Eco Fond