EnE16-ENV.net Regional Conference was held on June 6. 2016, in Belgrade, Serbia

The Regional Conference ‘’Environment to Europe – EnE16-ENV.net’’ was held on 6th of June 2016 in Belgrade (Serbia) to address issues related to climate changes and sustainability of resources. Traditionally, this Conference was organized by professional association “Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development” and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia. Conference was UNEP WED event,[…..]

Anti-Coal campaign in Turkey

Turkish Env.net partner TEMA Foundation has been organizing anti-coal rallies in more than 130 locations throughout Turkey, including cities that are most affected by coal plants like Çanakkale, Zonguldak and İzmir during April, May and June 2016. These widespread rallies included activities like cycling protests, awareness raising events and seminars. The events also involved children’s education[…..]

From Paris to Antalya for a New Climate Change Regime

  As part of the International Climate Initiative and a joint project conducted by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety and Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, a high level meeting was held in Ankara on Wednesday May 11, 2016, entitled “From Paris to Antalya for a New[…..]

Env.net subgrantee in Turkey is mobilising local people of Mount Ida

Local people of Mound Ida (Kaz Dağı) have united against the planned gold mining activies in their villages. The movement of the villagers are growing through exchange of experiences and solidarity. Env.net subgrantee, Association for Protection of Natural and Cultural Assets of Mount Ida has started the movement  and is stil very actively involved in[…..]

Meeting with volunteers of TEMA Foundation

As part of its policy of meeting with local volunteers in each city, TEMA Foundation organised its fourth regional volunteering meeting on Saturday 7 May 2016 in Van, an ancient city in the eastern Turkey, where more than 150 TEMA Volunteers from the cities of Muş, Iğdır, Bingöl, Siirt, Bitlis, Ağrı and Van were gathered[…..]

Turkey’s draft water law was discussed in TEMA Foundation

On May 3rd, a closed workshop was organised by the env.net team in TEMA Foundation, to discuss the latest version of Turkey’s draft water law with the reknown experts from TEMA’s scientific advisory committee. In the meeting, participants compared the two latest drafts of the law, shared with public: the 2012 and 2016 versions. It[…..]

ENV.net subgrantee from Bosnia-Herzegovina organised awarness raising event

LIR Evolution organised an advocacy awareness raising event in collaboration with the Institute for public health Banja Luka. The event took place together with the international Earth day. Many thematic fields were covered: new technologies in science, health disasters and prevention, forests environment, protection of biodiversity and its positive effects on human health. ELAA leaflet

EEB Annual Conference 2016 – Save the date!

This year the EEB’s Annual Conference will be hosted by our Austrian member Umweltdachverband in Vienna, on Monday 26 September 2016. After the adoption last year of the global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the historic Paris climate deal, 2016 must be a year of delivery. This means the systematic implementation of the Sustainable[…..]

Sofia Forum on Human Security: Assessing New Risks, Expanding the Network

Sofia (BG), 12th-13th May, 2016 With aim to provide a forum for discussion on human security issues, recently a topic so much in focus both in the Balkan countries and Turkey and EU, Ch4hs (Citizens’ Network for Human Security) organised a two-day event, that was held in Sofia, Bulgaria (http://www.iris-bg.org/menu.php?i_id=449). Topics in focus included issues[…..]