6th of October on ENV.net Sponsored Green Wave

Green WaYeşil Dalga_logove, the radio show produced by the Env.net Team in TEMA Foundation is sponsored by Env.net for the coming month. October 6th was the 20th broadcast of the series.

This week on the Green Wave we talked about the IUCN Congress and our guest was Dr. Nilüfer Oral, a member of Faculty of Law in Istanbul Bilgi University, She gave us an outline of the important discussions in the World Nature Protection Congress, which was organized by the IUCN in Hawaii on 1-10September.

The IUCN initiated an online voting system on motions for the first time this year, which Dr. Oral found very useful. She stated that this online voting system had worked out well because it was time efficient and they needed much less to decide on motions as members have casted their votes on each motion prior to the congress.

She outlined the most discussed topics in the Congress, which were illegal hunting and animal poaching and acceptance of key biodiversity areas as an international protection standard.

For more information on the congress please go to IUCN’s webpage.
Unfortunately we cannot provide a link to our broadcast of this week as the website that we archive the podcasts in is now under administrative measures by Information and Communication Technologies Authority in Turkey.