29th of September on Green Wave – Gediz Food Community

Yeşil Dalga_logoGreen Wave, the radio show produced by the Env.net Team in TEMA Foundation is sponsored by Env.net for the coming two months. September 29th was the 19th broadcast of the series. This week on the Green Wave we talked about food communities, our guest was Esin Pamuk from Gediz Food Community Coordination Team. She informed us about food communities and encouraged our listeners to form their own communities as they can even form a food community from their apartment with the help of a little research. She gave details about their own food community as well, she stated that they contact the farmers individually to ensure the quality of the product that they purchase for their community. For further information on food communities in Turkey you can check out this webpage (Turkish).

Unfortunately we cannot provide a link to our broadcast of this week as the website that we archive the podcasts in is now under administrative measures by Information and Communication Technologies Authority
in Turkey.