28th of July on Env.net Sponsored Green Wave Radio Show

Green Wave, the radio show produced by the Env.netTeam in TEMA Foundation is now sponsored by Env.net for the coming five months. July, 28th was the 10th broadcast of the series.

This week on Green Wave we talked about the project “Kids of Bosphorus getting to know the city through the sea”, a project carried out by Beşiktaş Science and Arts Center. Our guests for this broadcast were Hanife Küçüker, the project coordinator and Efsun Meva Bozbay, one of the “Kids of Bosphorus”. The project aims to raise awareness about the interrelation between the geographical location of the Istanbul peninsula and the urban culture. Beşiktaş Municipality Education Directory, Boğaziçi University Education Department, İstanbul Technical University Ship Building and Marine Sciences Department, Beşiktaş Municipality and TEMA Foundation have all contributed to the execution of the tYeşil Dalga_logoraining “the Sea and the City”.

The effect of the sea on the urban culture, human behavior, nature, technology, science, history and art are the subtopics of the project. The project activities are based on the Thematic Education Model as a framework, which focuses on examining a phenomenon with help of different disciplines and sciences.

For further information on the project: www.denizvekent.com and www.facebook.com/denizvekent

The podcast of the broadcast in Turkish can be listened at the following link:  http://acikradyo.com.tr/yesil-dalga/bogazin-cocuklari-kenti-denizle-taniyor