An Expert Examination Took Part in Akkuyu, Mersin

The Turkish partner TEMA Foundation was involved in an examination for the planned nuclear power plant in Mersin Akkuyu, with many other environmental organizations and professional chambers on July 11, 2016. The field trip included all the complainant parties (13 national and local organizations and 80 citizens) of the case filed to cancel the positive EIA decision regarding the Nuclear Plant. Parties expressed their concerns about the content EIA report.

TEMA Foundation reminded the public that even if we see no accidents, there will still be negative impacts like land loss, the effects of the cooling water to river and lake habitats along with many other devastating effects on the environment because of the nuclear power plants. Furthermore, the ongoing disaster of Japan Fukushima, which started on 11 March 2011 reveals the extent and scope of the destruction regarding nuclear power plants in cases of accidents. Nuclear waste storage issues have not been solved even with today’s technology. There is no answer to the questions of how and where the nuclear waste can be stored safely. This is an extremely dangerousproblem. During the field visit, volunteers fr om many organisations, including TEMA Foundation, rallied together outside of the construction site.



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