Sub-grant in Albania: Coordinated Management of Coastal Waters in Vlora Region

Milieukontakt, which is the organization being awarded the sub-grant for the development of the project “Coordinated Management of Coastal Waters in Vlora Region”, has started to work with local and regional actors related to planning issues. During these two months they have several meetings with representatives of Vlora Region, the Regional Agency of Protected Areas, and the Regional Basin Agency in Vlora Region to discuss about the project objectives and the activities to be developed toward a formalized cooperation in the region, especially in the coastal areas of Ionian Sea. During these time the project team took care to collect every useful document as reports, strategies and studies for the coastal areas in Vlora Region. In the mean time the project team is working closely with the government bodies that are in charge to manage and monitor coastal areas of Ionian Sea to draft the terms of references for the Memorandum of Understanding in the frame of project objectives.