23rd of June on Env.net sponsored Green Wave Radio Show

Green Wave, the radio show produced by the Env.net team in TEMA Foundation is now sponsored by Env.net for the coming six months. June, 23 isthe 5th broadcast of the series.

This week our guests for Green Wave were Dr. Hikmet Öztürk, Head of Forestry and Rural Development Department of TEMA, Dr. Burcu Güngör Cabbar, Deputy Head of Education Department of TEMA and Nevzat Özer, TEMA’s Rize Representative. Our topic for this week’s broadcast was TEMA’s new project “Sustainable Tea Farming for Better Soil”.

Yeşil Dalga_logoThis new project aims to introduce good farming practices in tea agriculture, namely diminishing the effects of faulty and harmful activities associated to tea farming. The project consists of 3 phases: introduction of good farming practices, education, and implementation. The first phase of the project is elimination of fertilizers that contain ammonium sulfate, which raises the acidity level of the soil, and carries great importance for sustainable tea agriculture. When the acidity level of the soil increases, the vital microorganisms in the soil cannot function or even survive. The rising level of acidity of the soil also contaminates ground waters. Second phase of the project aims to raise awareness and educate people who are involved in tea farming, whom they refer to as “tea families”. During the implementation phase, stakeholders from civil society, academia and agricultural sector will be encouraged to share their expertise and cooperate to raise awareness for good agricultural practices.

To sum up, while encouraging sustainable farming for better soil, this project also aims to raise awareness to good farming practices.

The podcast of the broadcast in Turkish can be listened at the following link: Click Here