Celebrating World Environment Day in Turkey

The local volunteers of the Turkish Env.net partner TEMA Foundation organised a series of events to raise awareness about the protection of the environment, as part of the 2016 World Environment Day. The volunteers collectively created unique hand-made banners with the tagline “Sürdürülebilir Yaşam için Doğanın Parçası Ol” (Be part of the Nature, for a Sustainable Future) and put the banners on display in central places of their towns.

A total of 33 events were organised in 17 cities in all over the country and around 3000 people of different age groups ranging from children to retired elderlies, were reached directly with these activities. Furthermore, a specific graphic design commissioned by TEMA Foundation was shared extensively in the social media and received a lot of attention about the world environment day. 340,089 people were reached on facebook, with 2654 shares and 5427 likes. And 287 retweets and 303 likes on twitter were reached.