Anti-Coal campaign in Turkey

Turkish partner TEMA Foundation has been organizing anti-coal rallies in more than 130 locations throughout Turkey, including cities that are most affected by coal plants like Çanakkale, Zonguldak and İzmir during April, May and June 2016. These widespread rallies included activities like cycling protests, awareness raising events and seminars. The events also involved children’s education and coloring activities but also activities for the elder generation, which aimed to include the society as a whole in the anti-coal rallies.

In the press release TEMA Foundation’s general director Assoc. Prof. Barış Karapınar made, he highlighted the importance of breaking free of coal powered plants regarding adaptation to climate change. He also emphasized that the devastating impacts of coal mining and coal power plants can no longer be disregarded, and urgent action needs to be taken.


TEMA also took part in the Break Free events in İzmir, Aliağa. Young-TEMA groups from neighbouring cities attended the meetings, seminars and awareness raising events as part of the global Break Free rallies.