Sofia Forum on Human Security: Assessing New Risks, Expanding the Network

Sofia (BG), 12th-13th May, 2016

With aim to provide a forum for discussion on human security issues, recently a topic so much in focus both in the Balkan countries and Turkey and EU, Ch4hs (Citizens’ Network for Human Security) organised a two-day event, that was held in Sofia, Bulgaria ( Topics in focus included issues of human (in)security, dynamics of globalisation and policies of securitisation, as well as discussions on other pending human security issues deemed important by the forum participants, like small arms, environment, education, social polarisation, networking etc.

.Cn4hs project, implemented in four Balkan countries (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo) and Turkey, plus Bulgaria is established and supported under the EU FPA programme.

Representatives of team from Macedonia, together with more then 70 representatives from Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey, France and Greece (members of Ch4hs network, funded via the EU FPA programme) participated in this two-day event. The event provided a forum for meeting, discussions and exchange of information and experience among the participants.

Additionally, it gave us an opportunity to point to the right to a safe, healthy and ecologically-balanced environment as a human right in itself, as relevant for the voice of citizens when dealing with human security matters.

At the end of the event participants signed a joint statement to formally establish an expanded Citizens’ Network for Human Security (cn4hs) active in addressing the challenges for human security in the Balkans and Turkey and to cooperate, advocate and promote solutions to these challenges.