My Natural Resources – Awareness Activity on Natural Resources in a public school in Vlora Region – Second Activity team in Albania together with Center for Research, Cooperation and Development in Vlora, in the frame of the joint activity “My Natural Resources” organized the second awareness activity on 24th of May an awareness activity with the students of “Ali Asllani” High School in Vlora region.

The focus of the activity was to inform and enhance student awareness and to raise the knowledge of nature resources and importance of protected areas in Vlora region in areas of high importance of environmental values as Marine and Coastal Park of Sazan – Karaburun, National Park of Llogara, Narta Lagoon (Ramsar site), Velça caves, etc.

During the activity there were presented also some videos related to protected marine area of Sazan and Karaburun that increased attention of the participants. They  were very interested to take more information about all the issues included in the videos and also got an idea on how they can be helpful in different activities to improve their environment and to be a good promoter of values that our natural resources show.

The students show their creative designs made for the thematic presentation like pictures, essay, stories and all their experiences with natural resources near the areas where they live.

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