International Mother Earth Day

22nd April, 2016, International Mother Earth Day: To mark and celebrate 22nd April, the International Mother Earth Day, Macedonian team, together with Vila Zora and other local CSOs from Veles organised a social event that brought together more than 200 citizens. The event aimed to raise awareness on the key challenges: environmental pollution and weather (climate) changes as a result of our joint negligence, and to draw our attention on the screaming message that Mother Earth is sending to us that it is high time to take action.

“Plastic bags-NO thank you” was logo of campaign “Think globally, act locally” in Veles, supported by ENV net and EU. Our idea was to educate citizens to use cotton, not plastic bags, for protection of environment, human health and spend money. Vila Zora members and 4x4x4 Balkan Bridges as an partner for Macedonia gave / exchange more than 500 cotton bags to citizens in Veles. In common celebration participate EA “Eko zivot – Life” from Kavadarci member of the Green Platfrom Macedonia.

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