Two sub-grantee awarded in Albanian from the project

The second round of sub-grantee of project for grass -root organization in Albania was closed in 13th of April. 7 NGOs were invited to participate in the restricted call Green Initiatives toward complying with EU environmental standards. From 6 proposals delivered, only two of them were awarded.

The first project was awarded to NGO Eco-Movement “The collection and management of rainwater in the garden” . The projects aims to ensure sustainable water supply, reduce cost of water bill in the kindergarten No. 31 in Tirana, promote green technologies, through this pilot project. The project will monitor water management in kindergarten no.31, the standard water consumption; a green technology project will be designed and implemented in the kindergarten, followed by staff training and promotion of the project.

The second project was awarded to NGO Milieukontakt “Coordinated management of Coastal Waters in Vlora Region”. The project aims, first to establish collaboration between local and central government towards monitoring and protection of coastal waters in terms of quality, and second to support the responsible authorities to set up a coordination mechanism to comply with EU Water Quality Directives. The project will be implemented in Vlora Region and will directly involve representatives of institutions and different stakeholder that deal with coastal management. A research study on Institutional framework on water management, in general and coastal waters in specific will be delivered; a memorandum of understanding between central and local institutions for coastal water management and monitoring will be prepared and signed by target group; an action plan with concrete steps for each institutions to undertake for a better coordinated management of coastal waters will be prepared.