World Water Day Events in Turkey

On March 22, World Water Day, TEMA Foundation’s volunteers have organized “Awareness for Water” events in all 81 cities of Turkey. 40.000 people in 81 cities and 124 different areas were reached through 44 water chain awareness walks, 66 stands/booths and information points, 87 education workshops (197 events in total).


The Map of Threats to Water Resources Was Published

As a part of World Water Day events (March, 22), TEMA Foundation has also published “The Map of Threats to Water Resources in Turkey” that has been prepared with the contributions of the volunteer representatives. The research was conducted through the last three months and has followed a bottom up participatory method. The issues and problems with water resources in Turkey were identified with the help of an online form, ensuring a systematic information flow from the volunteer representatives in 81 cities. So far 70 threats to water resources in 37 cities have been identified and revealed in a 82 page report.

Water Threats