The River Basin Management Commission Workshop

Turkish Partner TEMA Foundation attended the “River Basin Management Commission Workshop” organized by General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works on March, 15.

All of the 130 participants were distributed the book “Liquid Assets: The Critical Need to Safeguard Freshwater Ecosystems” along with the TEMA Foundation Proposal of Law on Water, which were both printed with valuable contributions of The participants were informed about the current water-related issues through the distributed print material.

Turkish Team gave a presentation on NGOs’ Role in River Basin Management Commissions, which emphasized the role of public participation in the planning process in EU River Basin Management Plans. Underlining the need for public participation in planning and implementation processes as well as River Basin Commissions, the participants were informed about the ways they can participate in the process.

The presentation was supported with examples of NGO participation in river basin studies and the positive outcomes of both TEMA and other NGOs’ participations.