Social event “Tour de Veles”

On 21st of March, 2016, in Veles, Vila Zora, in cooperation with the team from Macedonia, organised a social event, titled “Tour de Veles”.

Over 200 hundred citizens, young and adults, with a bicycle procession on the city streets of Veles marked March 21, the first day of spring and ecology. The aim was to send a message to their co-citizens for a more frequent use of this means of transport, which is health-friendly and is the most acceptable for the environment.

However, for greater use of bicycles as a means of transport it is necessary to ensure appropriate conditions for a safer use of bicycles for going to work or school. The organisers of this event, the environmental organization “Vila Zora” from Veles, sub-grantee of project, and the team from Macedonia, used this opportunity to (again) demand local authorities to undertake action for constructing bicycle lanes in Veles.

The event was extensively covered, by the local media, both printed and electronic.