Seminar: How to protect our waters and water basins

Skopje, 9th – 10th February, 2016

The seminar, organized by ETNAR and DEM, which was held on 9-10 February 2016 in Skopje, was intended to raise public awareness about the connection between the use of land / forests and protection of water resources. During the seminar, variety of topics were discussed including: exercise of rights in the field of water – right in specific procedures related to management of water resources; Water Framework Directive and EU institutions in the field of water; General procedures for protection with application of the EU law; Cases of successful campaigns for protection of water resources; Relationship between forest protection and conservation of water resources; Cases relating to the Lake, and alike.

Representatives from Macedonia took active part in this two day seminar.

The seminar included an interactive session in which participants had to develop campaigns for specific cases or for cases where unsustainable agriculture pose a threat to water resources due to excessive and uncontrolled use of pesticides.

Seminar participants concluded the event by adopting conclusions that would be disseminated to the key stakeholders and wider public.