The EU funded “Legal, Technical and Institutional Analysis report on Turkey’s GHG Emission Inventory” is published!

As part of the EU funded TASK-GHG Project, a Legal, Technical and Institutional Analysis report is published, with the aim of assessing and improving of the legal and institutional situation and identification of the steps needed in Turkey. The findings of the report are presented to the invited stakeholders, including the Turkish ENV.Net partner TEMA, on 21 January 2016, in Ankara. The project has the aim of contributing to the enhancement of the existing institutional arrangements to assist Turkey in meeting its international GHG emissions reporting commitments, consistently with Regulation 525/2013/EU (MRR) requirements. According to the report, Turkey has many challenges in terms of institutional capacity and legal framework, but is showing a strong will to overcome the barriers to approximate its national system to the UNFCCC and EU GHG emissions monitoring and reporting requirements. The full report can be accessed here.