When Citizens’ Health Equals the Price of a Football Match Ticket!

The problems with enormous air pollution in Skopje, Tetovo, Bitoala and Kavadarci, are again the headlines in all news. The data published on the website of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning shows that the enormous pollution in these cities in recent weeks repeated every night and is ten times higher than the permitted levels of PM10 particles.

Following the text published on 15th October, 2015, when the director of Directorate of Environment, an inspector of the State Inspectorate of Environment and а junior associate in the Department for General Affairs at the Directorate of Environment were arrested due to negligence and bribery (according to information of the investigation, to one of the suspects “Feni Industry” from  Kavadarci paid a trip to England and tickets to watch the football match of Manchester United, while others received other kind of bribery from different companies) one question that citizens from Macedonia need to have an answer to is: How much is the worth of human life?