ENV.net Macedonia: Echoes in the media

December 2, 2015; Daily news paper “Nova Makedonija”, issue 23629

Citizens’ Behaviour and Habits are the biggest obstacle

In general, the issue comes down to whether to pay a price now, for greater inclination and willingness to change, or to reject the idea, with a risk that in the future we will pay a much higher price. This is the main dividing line according to which those who reject the thesis refuse to pay the price (or vice versa, according to some interpretations), and those who believe, agree to take action, aware (and accepting) that this would make them change their lifestyle

The willingness is weak

“More or less, we are aware of the changes affecting our environment. Some say it is act of God, while others are more aware, recognising that ‘it must be the climate change,” said Dusko Hristov, ENV.net coordinator for Macedonia. According to him, everyone knows that something should be done, but the question is are they ready for it? “Even if we have (as we don’t) perfect, super-capable institutions with super-educated and numerous professional staff that knows how to deal with this phenomenon, still the problem with citizens’ awareness and habits will remain one of the key and most difficult to surpass obstacles for realisation of the planned” – said Mr Hristov.