Contribution to the new draft law on Energy Efficiency in Albania

Legal framework on energy efficiency in Albania is really lacking behind. The Law into force on energy efficiency is really obsolete dating 2002 comprising none of the minimal energy efficiency standards required. For more than 2 years the Ministry of Energy and Industry in collaboration with external experts has started to work on the new draft law on energy efficiency.

During the month of October, team in Albania was invited by the Parliament Commission dealing with environmental issues to make comments to the new draft law on energy efficiency.

The new law brings new concepts and processes in the field of energy efficiency, where the new Agency of Energy Efficiency (the executive body of energy efficiency policies), the Fund for Energy Efficiency and the Energy Auditors, where some of the main new concepts presented in the new law. We were interested on explicitly stating the Energy Efficiency Fund is important and should exist separated by other potential funds in the field of environment. Other recommendations were related to the task that should be appointed to the Energy Efficiency Fund to report any improvements made in the field of energy efficiency by the development of its activities.